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Shuriken School: Classroom Clash

In a school full on ninjas, there’s only one way to prove you’re top of the class – FIGHT! (well either that or ace the written exam and display a knack for leaping from the shadows)

Beat-em-up Classroom Clash was created to tie-in with the launch of Shuriken School on Jetix. Taking control the pupils of Shuriken School, players fight through a short tournament to prove they are the school’s best ninjas.

Like most games made for Jetix, Classroom Clash was playable in multiple languages on region specific versions of the Jetix site. All text was held externally and editable by local producers.

One and two player versions of the game were created as well as special editions that allowed users to enter codes found on-air and unlock extra characters and special moves.

Up to a half-dozen moves, plus additional special attacks such as invisibility, thrown projectiles or teleportation are available for each character.

Click to play Classroom Clash.