Digital Design & Development

Series Compensation

Can you keep the light on?

This simulation of energy load on over the National Grid asked users that question and then ran them through the conditions over 24 hours to see if they kept the system on.

By balancing expected energy demand with predicted supply from renewables and full control over fossil fuels the task was to supply enough power, but not too much. Get it wrong and a line could overload leading to a cascading critical failure or fall short and imbalance network frequency.

Scenarios are dynamically loaded and can throw up unexpected demands to keep a user on their toes. For example a line can be taken out of service for repair, leaving little margin for error and requiring careful consideration.

Throughout the day a report of supply, demand, frequency and any problems is generated so users can see just how they’ve done and where they went wrong if the lights went out.

The simulation is accompanied by a brief e-learning module on Series Compensation and step by step how to before practice scenarios and assessment.