Digital Design & Development

PXG: Amoeba Attack

Taking inspiration from Russian nesting dolls and early 8-bit arcade games, Amoeba Attack was created to support Jetix’s computer games show PXG.

Like the asteroids of a certain classic, this game’s amoeba’s split into two smaller enemies when hit. However these new smaller enemies are a more deadly, bomb dropping foe that’s invading from space. Blast these and two diving kamikaze enemies inspired by Galaxian appear. Destroy those and it’s back to the final incarnation – tiny amoebas, but watch out as if you don’t destroy them quick they’ll grow to full size and start over the attack wave!

The game features projectiles that bounce, ricochet and succumb to gravity that must be collected by the player before re-firing. To help the player is the ability to summon a shield or fire up the turbos to get away from harm.

Like most Jetix games, all text is held externally to allow for easy deployment in multiple languages across Europe.

Click to play Amoeba Attack.