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When Nickelodeon rebranded its cartoon based channel Nicktoons TV, they wanted to embrace the character of “The Pixels”, a group of characters that fronted the channel and embodied the traits of various classic cartoon characters.

In keeping with making these characters the heart of the brand and reflecting their playful nature the new site was itself a game. After choosing a character the user enters the world of the Pixels where they get around as if in a platform game. By walking through screens, the user encounters the channel schedule, competitions, show information and a catalogue of Nickelodeon’s web games. Along the way there are items to collect and secrets to find, including a series of games played within the main interface and a pixel doodle board.

Navigation of the site is handled in three ways to allow users to play on the site at their leisure, or get straight to what they want with no distractions via the menu.

A standard navigation bar was accessible at all times and allowed instant access to content.

The user could also navigate using the Pixel, by simply clicking on where to go and on content they wanted.

Finally, by taking direct keyboard control of the Pixel, keen users could jump and leap to hidden areas and discover all of the hidden secrets.

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