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Amey Built Environment

A Health and Safety induction course and assessment for contractors scheduled to work on police force sites, including 360 degree hazard-spotting exercises.

Amey Built Environment provides public sector construction and facilities management services to a wide variety of clients including major police forces. They carry out exhaustive security vetting of contractors’ employees before they are permitted access to police force sites and issue a Contractors’ Health and Safety Guide whose requirements are a condition of their contract.

Amey felt these printed rules and regulations were simply not being absorbed and chose e-learning as a means of ensuring that contractors scheduled to carry out work on their client’s estate fully understood (and could prove they understood) the rules governing Health and Safety before arriving on site to start work.

The course covered all of the topics in the printed guide, and utilised numerous situations and examples based around a variety of police force sites, each posing unique potential

The course and its assessment were hosted and accessed via a bespoke LMS that provided Amey with the level of security required for work with police forces.