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2MuchTalk is a meeting management software tool for more efficient meetings and meeting cost savings. The software comes as both a free version limited to six attendees in a meeting and a premium version that can be upgraded with additional functionality.

The challenge in building 2muchTalk was in trying to encompass all the possible demands of a meeting whilst at the same time being an intuitive and user friendly program to use. Multiple ways of doing most things were therefore created and where an action was dependant on other factors (such as Companies for attendees or people and locations for meetings etc) the program allows these elements to either be created on their own or added in-line whilst in the flow of another task. This allows both for ordered and efficient entering of bulk data whilst allowing flexibility for last minute changes.

2muchTalk enables the planning, running and reviewing of meetings including real-time running costs and a warning when meetings run over and acrew extra costs through lost productivity time.

Importing and exporting of user and meeting data.
Review and update any figures after the meeting for greater accuracy
Installs to PC and upgrades – preserving all exisiting meeting data
Automated e-mail and calendar invites

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